Apr 5, 2013

Meeting You Once Again

The artist Marina Abramovic did a 2010 performance art piece at the Museum of Modern Art, where she sat in a chair, and, one by one, people could sit opposite her and look into her eyes for one minute. 

It was a powerful experience, even with strangers... 

... but then, her former love Ulay arrived without her knowledge. This video shows the moment she sees him. 

Apparently, they had had a passionate love affair back in the 1970s, but when they felt the relationship was fizzling, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting in the middle for a last hug and never seeing each other again. 

Here they are, meeting once again.

*tadahin air mata pake ember*


  1. Ternyata ini bukan beneran surprise Lei.. ada infonya di komennya A cup of Jo soal event ini.


    Sayang yaaa, padahal udah ngembeng pas liat videonya, ternyata.. Ah maaf merusak suasana *kabur*

  2. Sangat menyentuh yaa,ikut meneteskan aer mata seember.
    Kak lei dapet ajaaaaa video keren...

  3. Ish, mbak lei. paling bisa membuat saya menangis di tengah hari di kantor pula.... memang mata adalah jendela hati......

  4. Setaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn...
    *siram kebon pake air mata*

  5. Nyun: aaaaaa semprot nyun pake Baygon! Hahahaha. Gak deng. Setelah gue baca artikelnya, ntah kenapa gue ttp terharu sih. Menurut gue tetep ada elemen surpraisnya...

    All: terhura yaaa T__T

  6. aaaaaah terhura sangat! pas banget lagi mikir 'aneh2' eh liat ginian tumpah dehh aer mata hahaaa