Apr 11, 2013

Random Thoughts

On Motherhood

I learned that if you're not in pain, you supposed to feel bad. Like, if you had a C-Sect (less painful) instead of natural birth (more painful), you supposed to feel bad. If you give your baby formula (less painful for the boobs) instead of breastfeeding (more painful), you supposed to feel bad.

Why? You definitely do not become a war hero just because you had a 'more painful motherhood'. I say, enjoy life. Bring on the epidural, leave your kids to the nanny while you have an extended vacation, do what you want (sensibly). Enjoy life :)

On Travelling

For bloggers, I learned that the worst toxin during travelling is their own blog. Instead of enjoying the experience, we kept on thinking how to flaunt the stories later: "Wah, cerita ini keren deh buat blog! Wah, foto ini pasti bagus banget di blog nanti! Aduh, ntar abis posting, bakal dapet berapa ribu komen yaaa..." Let's stop that, fellow bloggers. Enjoy your journey. Stop thinking how your travel stories will make your blog become more popular / interesting. Save that for later. Yes, this is also a note for myself. Cheers!