Feb 22, 2012

A Mother's Job

A mother's job is not merely to feed, bathe, or buy expensive toys for their child(ren).

A mother's job is to ensure that her son will not grow-up to be a major asshole like Christopher Brown.

And ensure her daughter grow up to be a smart woman and not become a victim like Robyn Rihanna Fenti.

Via Sindro.


rinaaulia said...

and now, they're collaborate in a song, again.
i just don't get what Robyn F is thinking.

btw, selamat ya mbak leija for the upcoming baby....


prin_theth said...

Iyaaa... Kalo nggak salah pernah baca, she loves living the dangerous life. Gitu ya masih muda, bebas, blm ada tanggungjawab keluarga *ini omongan emak-emak banget!*

Hihihi makasih yaa ucapannya. Doakan kami sehat selalu!

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