Nov 1, 2014

Giveaway Winner!

Mari kita tengok lagi cerita yang kemaren diposting:

I live in Osaka, Japan and often use the subway to go to work in the morning. One day, when I was waiting for the train, I noticed a homeless man standing in a corner of the subway station, muttering to himself as people passed by. He was holding out a cup and seemed to be begging for spare change.

A fat woman passed by the homeless man and I distinctly heard him say, “Pig.”

Wow, I thought to myself. This homeless man is insulting people and he still expects them to give him money?
Then a tall businessman went by and the homeless guy muttered, “Human.”
Human? I can’t argue with that. Obviously, he was human.
The next day, I arrived early at the subway station and had some time to kill, so I decided to stand close to the homeless man and listen to his strange mutterings.
A thin, haggard-looking man passed in front of him and I heard the homeless guy mutter, “Cow.”
Cow? I thought. The man was much too skinny to be a cow. He looked more like a turkey or a chicken to me.
A minute or so later, a fat man went by and the homeless man said, “Potato.”
Potato? I was under the impression that he called all fat people “Pig”.
That day, at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the homeless man and his puzzling behavior. I kept trying to find some logic or pattern in what he was muttering.
Perhaps he has some kind of psychic ability, I thought. Maybe he knows what these people were in a previous life. In Japan, many people believe in reincarnation.
I observed the homeless man many times and began to think my theory was right. I often heard him calling people things like “Rabbit” or “Onion” or “Sheep” or “Tomato”.
One day, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to ask him what was going on.
As I walked up to him, he looked at me and said “Bread.” 
I tossed some money into his cup and asked him if he had some kind of psychic ability.
The homeless man smiled and said, “Yes, indeed. I do have a psychic ability. It is an ability I obtained years ago. But it is not what you might expect. I can’t tell the future or read minds or anything like that.”
“Then what is your ability?” I asked eagerly. 

“The ability is merely to know the last thing somebody ate.” he said.  

I laughed because I realized he was right. He said “Bread.” The last thing I had eaten for breakfast that day was toast. I walked away shaking my head. Of all the psychic abilities someone could have, that one must be the most useless.

Pada intinya, si homeless man bisa tau, apa makanan yang terakhir kali dimakan oleh orang yang lewat di depannya. Jadi kalo ada orang abis makan daging sapi, ia akan bilang "sapi", dan seterusnya.

Maka ketika sang businessman lewat, dan si homeless man nyebut "human", berarti si businessman itu abis makan...?


Congratulations to Fi, yang sukses menjawab makna dibalik kismis ini dengan tepat dan cepat. Kayaknya dese langsung komen sekitar 0.25 detik setelah cerita ini diposting, deh :) Hebring kamuh! Pengennya, sih, si bisnismen makan orangnya figuratively aja ya, tapi karena kita sedang mengusung semangat Halloween, kita asumsikan bahwa dese emang Sumanto :) 

Fi, silahkan e-mail data diri (nama lengkap, telp, alamat lengkap) ke Ditunggu paling lambat Rabu, 5 November 2014. Kalo lewat dari itu, hak hadiah saya oper ke komentator tercepat dan tertepat kedua, yaitu Gadis.

Untuk yang lain.... gila deh, ah! Kok 90% jawabannya pada bener? Hebat! Kanibal semua ya? :D

Hope you had a fun Halloween, and see you next year.


ade said...

Yah, kurang cepet. Gapapa lah, udah seneng jawabannya bener, hehe. Salam kenal ya, biasanya silent reader aja.

Fi said...

Thank you, Leija :) Kurang dari 1 menit ya? Hihi, waktunya pas banget dong :p


Gadis said...

yaaah... tipis banget.. gak ada 2 ya bukunya?
hahahahha *ngarep*

prin_theth said...

Ade: Next time ikutan yaaa! (padahal aku bikin giveaway setaun sekali doang hihi...)

Fi: Kamu the flash!

Gadis: Ahahaha, namanya juga giveaway abal-abal. Next time ikut lagi yaaa.

Anonymous said...

alternative moral of the story:
si pengemis itu punya penciuman tajem bener, dan dia bisa "cium" makanan apa yang terakhir dimakan orang lain.

Pas "human" itu, artinya itu orang baru kissing human, dan itulah yang tercium.. bau 2 orang dalam satu badan .. hahaha

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