Apr 24, 2013

Life is But a Dream

I enjoy music, but have never been a big music fan. Music has always been a mere background of my life, but never a main focus. So, generally, I don’t idolize musicians.

But I’m making an exception for Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter.

I was introduced to her in Junior High through Destiny’s Child, and she never leaves my life ever since. That is saying something, because I’m usually never loyal to a musician. If an artist doesn’t create anything in a year, no matter how much I enjoy his/her previous works, I will forget about him/her, BAM, just like that.

But as I’ve said, Beyonce never left. She stays on my mind, and that shows how consistent, productive, and innovative she is.

To many people, Beyonce is just a dance-music machine. An R&B sensation. The Queen of Dance Floors. They listen to her works in pieces, not in whole, and make conclusions. For instance, people listen to Run The World, and thinks, “Oh, Beyonce is releasing another dance music, joget-joget gitulah, biasa.”

However, if you listen to the whole album—not just the first single—you’d realize that it is a rich and complete set of work. And notice the details. After I become a wife and a mother, Run The World’s  words made me cry. Beyonce practically raps them out, in a midriff costume, so I understand if most people only sees the song as a dance tune with no depth, but pay attention—the lyrics are completely relatable and so empowering to women.

Beyonce is is unquestionably gifted, but what’s more, she works harder than anyone in the business. Take a look at her productivity, her concerts, her live shows, to the quantity and quality of the records she has made. You’d then realize that, “Dang, she works damn hard, ya…” It's so rare to find any other current artist that could match her today.

This year, Beyonce released a 90-minute documentary of her life in recent years, called Life is But A Dream. I’ve never watched it until someone post it on Youtube. It really shoots my respect for Bey to another level. For instance, I know she works hard, but I didn’t know she works that effing hard. Beyonce broke the saying 'don't bite more than you can chew' because she always bites HUGE chunks, and still managed to chew them off.

And of course, the girl was also killing ‘em so many live shows while being pregnant and all, despite her miscarriage history. Some people consider it reckless. I consider it... fearless. So fearless and confident of one's ability.

At the same time, this documentary also shows Beyonce's vulnerability, her miscarriage, her relationship with her family, Jay-Z (bodo amat yaaa, mukanya kayak kuli bangunan. He's such a sweet, loving husband, pantes aja Miund napsir :D) and their daughter.

She is not just a hit-music maker. She is indeed a human, just like the rest of us. But unlike us, Beyonce Knowles Carter works her ass off to gain the title ‘super’.

Superhuman and inspiring, that’s what you are, Bey.

*korek info tour Beyonce ke Asia*
*kagak ada*
*banting kompi*
*ya udah cus aja deh ke Eropa, gitu aja kok susah*


Nyun said...

hahahah Jay-Z tp masih bagus ga oplas loh Lei, dengan duit segitu banyaknya coba :P

salut emang ya sama dia, liat dia nyanyi full gerak mulu, pake heels (coba dicontek usahanya buat yg mau go internasional ya :P), dan nyanyinya kok bisa kaya kumur2 aja gitu, santai bang..tapi terpampang nyata cetar membahana #ngok

tapi isu illuminati dia dan le husband kenceng bener ya, tak taulah saiya, dibawa fun saza :D

Nisa said...

aaaaaa, idola kita sama! aku CINTA BERAT sama mba bey, huhuhuhu, terus si Run The World ini hari2 belakangan ini lagi aku dengerin terus, v-clip nya diputer terus ga boseb2 di yutub. Apalgi yg live show nya dimana sih itu, yg pake efek2 canggih itu looh. Openingnya ada emaknya, bu michell komen tentang diana. Ihhhh sukaaaaaaaa!!!

Tapi sebelnya, konsep show dia yg itu dicontek abis2an sama iedepe loh, percissss..ga sengaja liat pas dia nampil dimana. Tapi yaaaa jaauhh banget lah sama mba B.

Daan, iyaa aku dari awal dengerin Destiny's Child juga, jadiin Survivor buat ringtone hape *adeuuhhh :))))

Setuju juga sama Jay-Z yang ambon maniseeeee gituu :D

Kalo ada info beneran Bey mau konser tolong yaa diinfo heboh2, aku mauuuuuu nonton jugaaa.

bolissa said...

Ogut masih kyk kucing keselek gundu nih kalo nyanyiin Love On Top. *lagian sape juga yg kagak*

I still wanna be Beyonce when I grow up. Would probably die tryin tho.


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