Dec 9, 2011

This Is Crazy Pregnant Hormone Talking,

I actually often wonder,
Where did my old, pretentious blogger self go? The one who rants on her blog in full English, talking about political art, social critics, and whatever crazy thing that is happening in the world, and not talk so much about herself? It makes me think if I'm (unconsciously) becoming a self-adoring person who sells my blog out for the sake of readers and traffic. Ewww. Well, at least I self-reflected.


  1. Le, I wrote in my blog since 2003. I've never thought about the traffic, and previously, I've never done any blogwalking!! When I got some comments on my blog, I never actually replied. Until later, I learned that blogging was actually an interactive activity hahahahah...*shame on me*

    In the end, just stick with what you believe. If you get more traffic, it means that people like it. For me, I wrote my blog for the sake of commemorating some happy moments, some stupid moments, and some sad moments in my life. When I looked back at my entries from 8 years ago, I realized how different my writing style was. Different styles of writing in our blog actually showed the transformation of our way of thinking. We might claim that we stay the same, but changes are also parts of our life.

    No worries, Dear!!

  2. Gue juga kadang mikir gitu sejak berubah jadi wedding blog ababil.

    But hey, at least it records your life, which will be fun to read later in the future.

  3. Leony: Thank you Le :D Gue cuma kadang gimaneee gitu ya with the change of style. My blog used to be wadah tempat gue berpendapat, dan gue sangat KETAT nggak mau nulis-nulis hal pribadi. I even NEVER reveal my real name, my face, my loved ones names, address, school, etc. NEVER. Sekarang.... ebuset, kayak open diary. Ciiih...

    Pede: But if I can draw out one good point from my blog's change: less darker blog makes me a less darker personality. At least most of the time :D And sometimes, dark, moody blogs feels so angsty-teen ya...