Apr 15, 2011

Don't We All?

One of the many genius works of my favorite multitalented chick, Karin Wijaya:


       Hello, HANDWRITING.
         I miss you.

I've been pretty busy with my laptop and mobile phone. 
As you already notice, me and almost everybody create words with those keypads now.

             Don't be jealous. 
Without you, we don't do greeting cards anymore lately.
Including for my birthday :(
 I didn't get any birthday cards. 
Only SMS...and some virtual networks. 
Wait, I got one, but only with a signature on the bottom :p
Oh how I miss that loooong hard-to-read handwriting message plus hand drawing bonus as you flip the card.

I know. I'm sad too :(
And you just don't know how much I have pushed 'delete' button for my misspelled words here. LOL.
Oh wait, there is also auto spelling application. 
So my brain can have longer nap. 
But hey, it's good to meet you for a while though. 
I am smiling :)

I won't forget you.
I still keep all the memories together. 
The best thing about you, that you are more lovely to be kept in my life box forever. Unless if I have thrown you into a garbage can :p Just kidding.
Hey, Handwriting. I gotta go.
I got lot of messages to reply, to send, and... 
Oh, you know.
Have a good day, Handwriting!

I hope to see you again soon.
Promise, please don't forget me and our memories together.

Happy Friday, everyone.


Ov said...

Si Ka We! Udah edjii dan kreatif dari SMA. Di kelas gw, agenda DIY doi paling ciamik.

prin_theth said...

Ovi: Isn't she? Gemes deh, pengen diseruput otaknya *horor*

Anonymous said...

:-) love it

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