May 5, 2012

The Wishlist

Hello, it’s 1.42 Jakarta time. Yep, I can’t sleep again. Fun! (not)

I’ve been haunted by insomnia for the last one month. Some say insomnia often happens to 3rd trimester preggers, as your body starts ‘training’ you to wake up at night, which will happen later with the newborn. Amusing fact, but not so amusing when you’re experiencing it yourself. LE SIGH.

After snacking, browsing, and watching my husband’s R.E.M, I’m starting to run out of ideas, so let’s just blog. Bear with me!

Tonight’s theme is: Current Wishlist.


I am not blessed with perfect skin, no sir. It got pretty bad when I hit puberty, so I had to go from one dermatologist to another, and endure chemical peels, laser shots, and dangerous pills since young age. Never again.

Ever since I’m off dermatologist treatments, my daily skincare routine has been pretty pathetic. I only cleansed and toned. Macem anak SMP aja, pokoknya. It’s probably because I used to rely only on doctor’s formulas. When I’m off them, I don’t know what to use.

A few weeks ago, it hit me that I can’t have this cuek-bebek-bocah-SMP attitude anymore. I’m not getting any younger, and I’ve been neglecting my skin for too long. Padahal ya, a good skin is a priceless investment. I'd easily give up my whole makeup collection for a good complexion.

Plus, people DO judge you from your cover. Hard truth. 

Therefore, I've decided, it’s payback time for my skin, with the best products on the market.

And that only means LaMer and SKII. Wa wa wee wa!

Unless I start pooping gold, I can never afford the whole series of those brands. So I’ve selected only a few of their best—which could totaled to Rp7,000,000... ONLY IF I buy the smallest sizes, setan!—and started planning a bank-robbery scenario. 

But seriously, when will I have the moolah and guts to actually buy them, I have no idea.

 Creme de La Mer 30ml / Rp1,722,600

La Mer The Concentrate 30ml / Rp3,087,957

 SKII Whitening Spots Specialist 30ml / Rp1,360,463

 SKII Facial Treatment Essence 75ml / Rp934,706

All prices are per May 5, 2012, from here.


Do you know that I’m really, really great at holding back consumptive urges? Mau apa-apa tuh dipikirin banget, sampe akhirnya batal beli samsek :D This is one of the examples.

You see, I love watches, especially chunky, manly one. I can take off every other accessories on me and just wear one watch.

But get this—I only have two, and the latest one (a cheapo Swatch) was bought in early 2009. Hahaha, lama amaaat! This happened because every time I wanted to buy a new one, I successfully told myself that I don’t need it.

But now, I reaaaally want to donate my watches, and buy a new one.

ASOS Retro Style Digital Watch / 22 GBP

 Casio A178WEA-1AES Digital Watch Exclusive to ASOS / 27.50 GBP

 Casio AQ-230A-7DMQ Digital Bracelet Watch / 32.50 GBP

The good (or bad) news is, I recently found an old-but-new Oilily watch my mom bought me (maksudnya, dibeliinnya udah lama, tapi nggak pernah dipake). I used to hate it because of its girly-ness, but now I think it’s OK. It is still in great conditions, tinggal ganti batre aja.

Since I found this Oilily watch, the need to buy a new one is pushed back. Again. Hahahahuhuhu *antara ketawa dan nangis*


Diaper bags are usually the epitome of ugliness, therefore, since the very beginning, I’ve sworn to NEVER buy one. I will just find a holdall I already have, and transform that to a diaper bag.

This changed when I took a closer look at them. As hideous as they may seem, they do have useful inside compartments. And so specific! For instance, some of them have insulated pockets for milk bottles. Really?

Maybe I do need a diaper bag. Still, not those horrible Le Monde Teddy Bear stuff.

The urge got more intense since my parents decided to go to US next month. Pengsan! You know how they have much, much better options there.

The first line that popped onto my mind was Kate Spade. I can’t deny their chic-ness. But after I imagined that the lovely thing will be exposed to my son’s poop, piss and puke, I was deterred.

Daycation Bon Shopper Baby Bag / $268

 Nylon Stripe Stevie Baby Bag / $418

Petunia Pickle Bottom is my next choice. Cheaper, though less classy and chic.

Deligtful Dubrovnik Sashay Satchel / $170

 Peaceful Portofino Abundance Boxy Backpack / $198

Anyway, I still have time to think about it. There are lots of options out there, and high-end brands are not always better. Exhibit A: Marc Jacobs diaper bags. Kok norak-norak amat ya…



Thanks to my kiasu-ness, Yaya’s nursery is ready since months ago. It is already painted, wallpapered, complete with a humongous crib, a wardrobe, and a sofa. Ahahaha… Siapa yang momzilla, angkat tangaaan?

However, I’ve been nesting like a mad woman (again) these days. And looking at Yaya’s nursery once more, I'm convinced some things are still missing.

First, a storage system. Be it a cabinet, shelves, whatever. This is because I bought too many baby stuff (including an oversized, monster-shaped hooded towel. Really, Lei? Really?) and I suspect that the existing wardrobe won’t be enough to contain all of Yaya's (cute) junk.

Second, although the condition is still pristine, the brown sofa I stole from my mom looked really ugly against the wallpaper. I know it would be a waste of money, but I want to reupholster it so bad! Pengeeen banget.

Yaya is my exception. Even if I can contain urges for myself, I rarely can contain urges for him. So, without much thinking, I contacted a furniture designer, and we’ll soon be making a one-of-a-kind cabinet and reupholstering the sofa.

I’m also planning to repaint the ceiling, as well as my own bedroom’s. Gegara musim ujan, banyak coklat-coklat bekas bocor sana-sini, hueks. 

 Cita-cita Ibu: nge-cat langit-langit nursery jadi setrep-setrep

Dan oya, kayaknya si nursery butuh rug juga, deh. Will ask my sister to get one from IKEA Singapore.

Nanti kita foto-foto deh, kalo si kamar bayik udah kece. Sekarang masalahnya, ngana tau, dimana beta bisa beli pohon duit?


My current PC is a 5,5 years-old Macbook white, which Apple doesn’t even produce anymore. It's been heavily abused, up to the point where the plastic cracked here and there. It still runs well, but man, this thing is ancient.

 Crackity crack everywhere!

I was planning to buy a new one this year, yet, I got pregnant. So the money went to baby needs.

However, last week, my maid’s daughter—whom I am really close with—claimed that she needs a PC. She’s in her senior year at a private high-school (on scholarship), and she has been struggling to go back and forth to warnet for her massive amount of school assignments, while all of her other friends are toting their laptops. Ya envelope, mau nangis dengernya :'(

I instantly offered her my current Macbook. But this means I need to buy another one for myself ASAP. I can’t let my maid’s daughter hanging, but I can’t be PC-less either.

Cap cip cup, belalang kuncup, I found a seller who offered me a second-hand Macbook Pro. 

I’m completely fine with second-hands. Plus, you can’t beat the price. It’s only Rp1,000,000 more expensive than T’s brand new iPad 2, cuih!

The transaction is still hanging, though. Told the guy I will decide on Monday.


This last item is the riskiest one. Especially because I haven't got husband's permission yet T__T

I’ve been wanting an extreme haircut. This is because a) I'm bored-to-tears with my shapeless, mid-length hair b) I wear hijab daily, so if I turn out looking weird, I wouldn’t be shamed in public. Palingan disembur air zamzam sama mertua...

My choice fell on to the side-shave style. Unfortunately, the side-shave is trending among Jakartan teen, but ONLY the boyish style. Apa sih namanya? Pokoknya potongan laki lah.

Therefore, lot of local hairdressers are only familiar with the boyish, pixie cut. NEHI! I do not want a boy cut!

I do not want these:

I actually want a long-ish bob. But with a side-shave.

 I want this (sort of. The bob needs to be longer):

I imagine I would look girly on one side, crazy on another, LOL. But oh how cool (half of) my scalp would feel against the wind! Mmmm.

I’m eyeing on Shunji Matsuo salon to do the chop, but then, my brother-in-law's sister recommended Toni & Guy, because that's where she got her boy cut side-shave. I hope they do decent bobs.


Aaaand that’s about all of my current consumptive cravings (bo'ong deng, masih banyak pengennya kok...). I hope this doesn't happen often. 

Have a great weekend!


ndutyke said...

aih ijk juga suka sekali jam tangan lakiiii... yg gede and chunky gitu. semacam bikin PD bertambah. it makes me feel like I can conquer the world! *ok lebay dikit*

bok, kalo jij udah nemu yg jual tunas pohon-duit, plis kasi tau ijk yak. mo pengsan rasanya kemaren, after hearing my 2nd obgyn said to me: "ya jalan terakhir adalah bayi tabung,"




*curcol* *sigh*

Oni said...

eh la nyak babe mo ke amiriki? titip lemer2 disitu deh.. concentrate 50 ml itu 'cuman' $300-400an pleus sekalian dicobain bedak tabur dari langitnya yang juga 'cuman' $40 itu kerennya selangit!!!!!

the grumpy blogger said...

Uh, udah iri membara aja nih liat kamar bayinya...taunya masih foto comotan toh HAHAHAH *ketawa enak*

Wiiih 3rd trimester, bentar lagi ketemu Yaya. Sing sehat, yah, Laila :)

prin_theth said...

Ndutyke: Yassalaaaam! Aku doakeun semua goes well dan nggak perlu bayi tabung yaaa... Kalopun emang kudu dan perlu, rejeki anak Insya Allah nggak kemana. Aamiin ya robbal alamiin. Coba sering-sering main ke ladang orang, kali nemu tunas yang dimaksud hhihi.

Samaa... kalo pake jam tangan laki, suka pengen sambil nyanyi who run this motha?

Nadia: Uwaaaw menggiurkaaan...! Tapi gue agak nggak tega nitip sama ortu Nay. Maksudnya, nggak tega sama duit sendiri HAHAHA. Nggak deng... soalnya mereka kesana dalam rangka cek-ap dan berobat. On the other hand, La Mer di Pacific Place juga lagi promo sih, meski promonya dikit bgt.

peds said...

Ih, Oilily, brings me back to childhood era deh.

La, kakak ipar gue tu beli diaper bag di Ambas keren banget dah, warnanya item/coklat tua gitu gue lupa. In my opinion, kalo diaper bag kali lebih baik yang agak macho yaa, biar suami-suami gak malu nentengnya, dan ibu-ibu ini terbebas dari beban di pundak.

Tapi itu lucu-lucu banget ih diaper bagnya *baru trimester 1 udah jelalatan*

Anonymous said...

eh masa sih SKII FTE 75ml harganya segitu? Tahun lalu harga segitu dpt yg 150ml, malah kalo lagi promo harga yg sama dpt yg 215ml.

Gue sampe minta no telepon counternya trus tiap minggu telepon lagi ada promo FTE atau gak, begitu ada promo langsung cabuuut ke SenCi. Dan mbak2na baik banget, gak senep ngadepin banci diskon kaya gue.

miund said...

Lei, soal macbook... ada toko langganan akuh di Poins Square namanya iStore. harganya kompetitif dan pelayanannya top notch, kalo mau liat2 aja sih. si tante yg punya baik bgt.

trus KS baby bagnya titip di amiriki ajaaaa! di sini yg nylon stripe stevie itu 5,5 di plaza indonesia. ter la lu! =)))

Leony said...

Melihat ente mulai memikirkan perawatan wajah, kok gue jadi merasa malu ya... gue gak pernah merawat wajah, dan sampai sekarang, gak pernah kepikiran. Banyak yang bilang harus mulai mencegah sebelum terlambat, tapi rasa males itu sungguh tak terkira. Biaya is another thing, tapi kayaknya rasa malesnya itu menang deh.

Soal diaper bag, kalau kita yang bawa diaper bagnya, mungkin emang kita pengen yang modis. Tapi kalo yang bawa itu sitter-nya, gue bisa gak rela kasih dia pake tas modis tsb, soalnya dijamin pasti lebih kasar drpd kite. Ujung2nya lu bakalan balik lagi pake yang culun! Hihihi...

prin_theth said...

Peds: Oya? Kakak ipar lo beli dimana dan merk apa? Kalo merk yg umum macem Okiedog dan Allerhand gitu aku nehi yaaa... Padahal mihil tapi ku sungguh nda demen :D Untuk suami, dia bakal pake backpack Uniqlo itemnya aja. Ringan dan byk compartment, udah oks bangs jd bebibeg! Insya Allaah...

Rika: Oyaa? Harga Strawberrynet sih biasanya sama ama counter, if not a bit cheaper. Kalo harga SKII gue blm bandingin, tapi harga LaMer-nya emang sama dengan yg di counter mol sini sih... Tapi beklah, I will bargain hunt zuga! *tinju udara*

Miund: DICATET!!! :))) FYI, apdet info nih, gue batal beli Macbook taun ini bok. New or seken. Soalnya lagi pilah-pilih pengeluaran bangets... Bertahanlan kau, komputer retakku!

Jadiii, mungkin akik bisa beli yang baru di iStore taun depan ya mak :D Semoga blm tutup tokonya hahahaha

Leony: Soal diaper bag, kan gue ntar nggak pake bebisitter, ciyeee... Eh tapi beneran hihi. Seandainya akhirnya pake nanny, dese udah siap gue lempar backpacknya Teguh kok. Gak boleh pegang tas nyonyah-nya! hoahaha. So, stil want a diaper bag.

Soal kemalesan merawat kulit, mungkin karena kulit lo bagus-bagus aja yaaa... Never been really problematic gitchu. Karena gue pernah ngerasain 'ancur', jadi degdegser juga kalo cuek terus hehehe. Saran gue sih start a routine aja Le, tapi gak usah pake yg 'seheboh' LaMer juga. Misal... Kiehls, Clinique gitu?

prin_theth said...

Cepe: Thank you Cepeee... Somehow, komen jij nyangsang ke Spam, jadi maafkan baru di-publish hehe. Iyaaa, bentar lagi Yaya mau ketemu Abang Satura niih :D Aamiin buat doanya!

Anonymous said...

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