Jan 1, 2011

The Very First Post on The Very First Day of The New Decade

Well, hello 2011. Nice to finally meet you :)

First and foremost: happy new year! May the year 2011 brings happiness, joy and better weather to all of us.

I am very proud to announce that I am re-activating Let The Beast In today, exactly on 1-1-11. Tanggal cantik! As Indonesian likes to call it. 

The main goal for this blog is to talk less about myself, and more about interesting things that the world has to offer, especially about the 7 topics I love the most: travel, visual art, movies, fashion,  literature, inspiring affairs, and plain weird things which will mostly be FAILS! Will try to be consistent in writing in either just English, or just Bahasa. I used to deliver thoughts better in English, but I turned out to be funnier in Bahasa. Sekarang kok jadi susah kalo ndak di miks-miks dikit gitu lho, seus -- with all due respect to alm. Ida Kusumah wat hepen aya naon?!

Of course, I will also throw in some stories about myself and maybe Mr. Husband, but mostly me :D


And so for the very first post on this very first day of the new decade, I'm gonna ask the compulsory question: what did you do for New Year's Eve?

Ours was less than exciting (mohon abaikan seorang lelaki yang pules sekali terlelap bagai mati, dengan penampakan seperti seonggok lemak pelumas wajan Hanamasa. Rrrrrr)

We had dinner with my parents and went back to our pad by 10 pm. Probably sounds pretty lame, but when asked if he's sorry that he did not spent NYE by partying like he used to, back in his bachelor days, he said, "I would be more sorry if I spent it by partying. I'd rather sleep." Age don't lie!

On a brighter side, I think this is the first time I've ever viewed a NYE from a tall building (i.e. our apartment), so it's also the first time I watched a fireworks shower from above the ground. It turned out to be very pretty, ya...

Another shot of the room, with the lights off. Keep your eyes off of the sexy man, and check out the view outside the window. Prettyyy :) Another lovely thing about our already much-beloved apartment.


The pictures and video's qualities are crappy, but the fireworks were not, I swear.


But enough about the celebration (or the lack of it). I'm gonna ask the second compulsory question: what's your New Year resolution?

Like always, I don't have any, but if yours is to forget an ex, here's a little help:

Had a rough break up? Can't seem to keep yourself from Googling your ex's name? Tired of refreshing your Facebook feed until you see their updates, hoping they post something that alludes to how miserable they are without you, only to find that they have become hotter, travel more, and eventually find someone who looks like a sinetron star? This New Year's, resolve to knock off the social media masochism with Ex-Blocker. Once you enter your ex's name, Twitter handle, and Facebook link, he / she'll disappear into the ether, even from your Google searches.

If the dreaded target does pop up on your daily radar, you'll see her info blurred out with the words EX-BLOCKED preventing you from any spying.

No more feeling sorry for yourself, stalking the profiles of their new love interests, and you can finally say to his/her face, "You're dead to me!" Well, digitally.

Have a great year!


crazy lil outspoken girl said...

mbak leeiiiiiii....you're back!!!!
ihiiiiwwww :D
tips ngeblok mantannya okeh bgt loh!
tapi ya namanya hati ya bok, mau di blok digitally, bakal tetep dateng secara mentally..hihi

prin_theth said...

Ahahaha. Embeeer. Tapi kan langkah pertamanya adalah ndak mengintai sang mantan dulu. Lama-lama lupa deh! Amin. Gadis taun baruan ngapaiin?

Annisa said...

ah sudah lama sekali tidak ke blogmu
ibu Laila sudah merit masih saja gaul sekale dengan blognya..uhuy!
Betewe, ex-blockernya inspiratif banggets :9

tari said...

happy new year lei... :)
ya ampun...itu tips blok mantan ngga pernah kepikiran...bisa yah di blok digitally?? hehhee...

prin_theth said...

Annissa: Hahaha. Hadeuuh. Iya nih, blog ini baru saja dibangkitkan dari kubur. Alhamdulillah, masih dibilang gaul. Tunggu kamu liat aku sarungan dan ngulek bawang yaaa...

Tari: Heavy Nyuyir! Iya niiih, musti di-blok digitally buat wece-wece yang selalu bandel, kepo dan hobi nyiksa batin sendiri hehehe

JJ said...

Leiiii... hadeeeuuh... wallpaper loe. Kaget gueee *hawanya pengen bawa raket serangga elektrik. hihi*

Happy new year. Sama lagi, twin. me and hubhub spent NYE sleeping! well.. not quite.. gue sih bobok. Laki gue, bunyi dikit (petasan, kembang api baru berenti jam 4) ga bisa bobok. hihi.

It's a goodie blog ini aktif lagi =)

prin_theth said...

Iyut: *ngakak ngebayangin lo menyetrum komputer lo sendiri dengan raket Mangga Dua itu*

Twin, 23 Sept girls need their beauty sleep, jadi ini demi kecantikan yaaa, bukan karena kita udah jompo hahaha.

Ya ampera, neighborhood kalian macam ghetto sekali, baru kelar petasan jam 4 subuh!

nyun said...

yes.. lalat!! tapi kok keren ya.. :))
napa sih, solusi yg lo kasi berasa menampar gw, kenapaaaa..*diem2 mempertimbangkan saran lo...hahahah

Happy New Year Newlyweds.. ;)

prin_theth said...

Nyun: Hahaha hadeuuh, sapa tuu. Kalo udah sakseis dengan Ex-Blockernya, segera testimonial ya kikikik

Leony said...

Happy new yearrr!! Wahhh seger nih blog barunya! Jadi deh ikke follow dua duanya yahhhh... Btw, gue malem taon baru nonton bencong Thailand di Jakarte hehehe. Tar lah kalo sempet ceritain di blog (a.k.a kalo ga males).

Eh iya, dulu mah, pas gue putus sm ex gue yang super cacat itu (satu2nya ex gue yang sempat bikin gue pengen lempar dia dan keluarganya pake golok), gue langsung delete dia dari friend list gue di FB....biarin deh, gue gak bisa liat aktifitas dia jg gpp, dia mo ke laut kek, nungging kek, bukan urusan gue. Yang penting, dia jangan sampe liat aktifitas gue. Cuih!

prin_theth said...

Leony: Ahh, the passionate Miss Leony. Gue udah duga deh lo pasti punya cerita Taun Baru yang seru hahaha. Segera di-share yaaa... share cerita tentang mantannya juga mungkin? Maybe he has even Ex-Block-ed you? Ahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Mbak Leija, aku udah khatam let the beast in. Kamuh punya blog yang lain atau blog2 lama gitu ngga sih? Aku semacam addicted terhadap tulisan2mu *agak serem ya hehehe*


Sarah Puspita said...

aaak postingannya udah abis :( huhu. Selama ini aku jadi silent reader, dan sangaaat senang baca blog mu Mbak Lei.

Keep writing and inspiring <3

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